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Read an Experience

This page is dedicated to reading city reviews.If you would like to share and tell others about a city you have visited. About what you enjoyed whilst there, what you did and also any advice you may have, then we will publish here so that others can experience the joy you had, or on the other hand, make people aware of the problems you encountered whilst in the city. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Cahors, France



At the start of 2012 I decided to take some time of work and visit some of the places around Europe I had always wanted to see. I packed up my small camper van and off i set with map in hand and no real plan in place. My trip lasted for six weeks were i was lucky enough not to encounter any major problems (I don’t think a puncture whilst visiting Brugge counts). I enjoyed every minute of it and at my age, i am glad that i managed to get away to do it…….(Click” to read more)

Rocamadour, France



My husband and I have regularly holidayed in France and this summer was no exception. Staying of the motorways ensures that we come across some of the the loveliest places, many of which are well of the beaten track. Our “Gem” find this year was Rocamadour, set on the side of a gorge, literally! On arrival the sight of these buildings clinging to the rocks was truly amazing and standing looking down into the depths of the gorge at the people at the bottom, made them look like miniatures…….(Click” to read more)


America Trip   

Touring America

The beginning of the tour was late at night when we arrived at the hotel in Portland, Oregon. Our taxi driver warned us not to walk out in the area at that time of night. The hotel looked tired and not at all like it had appeared on the Internet. We had booked this hotel because it appeared to be fairly close to the RV pick up depot.  We learnt a lesson for future travel that is it is wise to book a hotel which is part of a well known chain of hotels……..(“Click” to read more)

Luxor, Egypt

Luxor, Egypt

I recently went on a Holiday trip to Luxor in Egypt. I stayed in Hotel Emilio, on the east bank of the River Nile, opposite the Avenue of the Sphinxes. The Hotel had a roof pool, restaurant with stunning views of the avenue of Sphinxes and the adjoining Luxor Temple. The sunsets in the evening were to be remembered. The hot air Balloon trips which take you over the valley of Kings and Queens and Hatshepsut Temple and the surrounding dessert is also not to be missed…….(“Click” to read more)


Dornbirn, Austria

I had always wanted to visit the area of Lake Constance. With its many beautiful lake towns and villages and the roaming feilds that fall out from it towards the mountains of Austria Germany and Switzerland, it had always been a dream. However last summer, the Mrs and I, plucked up the courage, and with the Caravan attached to our little motor we headed off. We had an idea of the places we wanted to stay at, Lindau, Bregenz to name a few, …….(“Click” to read more)

Siena, Italy

The wife and I regulary visit the continent, and have visited the stunning Italia, Italy three times before. Florence, Rome and Venice had all left a lasting impact on our hearts, so with our love for all things Italian we decided that once again we would go back to Italy however this time to the hilltop town of Sienna. It had been six years since our last visit to Italy, but we did not expect much to have changed. …..(“Click” to read more)

Bed & breakfast, Black Forest Review

"Stay in the Black Forest"

I loved the hotel. The breakfast was amazing and the location is perfect. There are a number of excellent towns near by that are definitely with the visit

By: Anthony Mullis - Submitted March 3, 2016 at 9:28 am
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Travel Date: June 10, 2015 Traveled with: Families with Infants Best for: Families with Young Kids Operator: Other

USA Tour 2012

An RV Tour of some of the National and State Parks in the USA 26th April – 15th June 2012 Sent in by Joan & Malcolm, UK The beginning of the tour was late at night when we arrived at the hotel in Portland, Oregon. Our taxi driver warned us not to walk out in […]